• Digital Veterinary Ultrasound diagnostic system WDVT-300
    Description:Main Features:With revolutionary technology of full digital beam-forming,WDVT-300,provides the excellent image quality with high resolution and definition.The selectable multiple transducers,powerful measuring and analysising software packages extend  its application ...
  • Ultra veterinary ultrasound scanner WDVT-100
    Description:Main Features:Digital technology 3.5 inch TFT color LCD Washable Waterproof(Main Unit--XP4,Probe--XP7) Simple to operate All in one, no cable 3hrs continuous operation 2 years warranty Size: 171×93×62 mmWeight: 500g including the batter Technical Specification : ...
  • Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner WDVT-200
    Description: Main Features:This versatile linear/convex ultrasound system is ideal for mixed practice. It is designed for bedside use and emergency scanning (triage ultrasound) either on site or in a rescue situation.Smartbook WDVT-200,weight only 2kg,is distinguishable by its br...
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