• RF Rejuvenation System PV1000
    Advantages1. Bipolar radio frequency, more safe and effective. 2. Safety and comfortable feeling are attainable by contact cooling system. 3. Focus technology can detect specific depth of skin for the accurate treatment. 4. Internal inspection and calibration system ensure the sy...
  • RF Rejuvenation System PV900
    Applications1. Skin whitening and tightening; 2. Alleviate eye pouch; 3. Reduce deeper wrinkles; 4. Reshape lineament; 5. Figure shaping How it worksUsing the exclusive radio frequency(RF hereinafter) technology, this system can improve your appearance obviously. RF produces heat...
  • R-1000 RF rejuvenation system
    RF Treatment Principle: The Radio-frequency (RF) utilizes 10MHz/S electric wave, which can permeate the epidermis to take effect on the underlying tissue. High-frequency shake will make resistance of the underlying tissue move and produce high energy, which makes the temperature ...
  • Portable and home radiolifting
    Energy level: r-100 RF output power 30 W Handpiece (Bipolar) One handpiece with 2 interchangeable tips in different size without cooling Weight 1.75 Kg Dimension φ257mm (Diameter)×120mm (Height)
  • Portable inexpensive radiolifting termalifting for skin tightening for beauty salons R-500
    Advantages1. High power supplied by portable design2. Ergonomic handpiece design for body and face. 3. Enjoyable treatment process. SpecificationsEnergy Source:Bi-Polar Radio FrequencyWeight:12KgElectrical Requirement:220V or 110VEnergy:10%~100% (10 levels are available)...
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