• 12 Holter Monitor H9800-12
    Features:1) Compact Size, Light Weight2) Fully Programmable, High Fidelity, Research Grade Performance3) 12-Lead/3-Channel Two Recording Modes Switchable By Changing Patient Cable Made From Bullet-proof Material4) Lower Power Consumption5) Lightning Data Transfer6) Pacemaker ...
  • Holter Analysis Software H9800
    Holter Analysis Software H9800 Features:1)12 lead/3 channel analysis 2)QRS template classification3)Arrhythmia analysis4)Heart Rate Turbulence (VE Chaos, HRT) analysis5)Analysis of ST segment changes and evaluation of myocardial ischemia6)Pacemaker analysis7)Obstructive Sleep Apn...
  • 3 Holter Monitor H9800-3
    Feature:1) Compact Size, Light Weight.2) Fully Programmable, High Fidelity, Research Grade Performance.3) One Battery can be used for up to 96 Hours of 3-Channel recording.4) Lower Power Consumption.5) Lightning Data Transfer.6) Pacemaker Detection.7) Patient Cable Made From Bull...
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