• Cavitation cellulite reduction system K1
    ApplicationsAccumulated fat deposits and cellulite reduction Body shaping How it worksWith concentrated cavitation energy, the fat in the tissue decomposes glycerol and fat acids. The water-soluble glycerol travels into the circulatory system and contribute to new energy generati...
  • Apparatus for ultrasonic cavitation in the Russian Federation - lifting CAVI-CUBE
    The apparatus of cavitation with RF-lifting CAVI-CUBE. New 2011.! Key features: - The use of two technologies in one device: the radio frequency lifting (RF lifting (Thermage)) and ultrasonic cavitation; - Included in RF, three interchangeable tips: for a person to the eyes and n...
  • Ultrasonic cavitation K2
    The apparatus K2 "3 in 1" is 3 beauty treatments in one: 1. Ultrasonic cavitation. 2. Radiowave facelift. 3. Focused ultrasound cavitation Technical characteristics Voltage 220/110V Frequency 50/60Hz Power 110W RF bipolar 0.5 MHz Technical advantages Use the best ultrasonic lipos...
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