CM300 Three-Channel ECG
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CM300 Three-Channel ECG, with standard LCD screen. Automatic measurement of ECG waveform and fully automatic waveform analysis report output. Huge electrocardiograms records system. Complete ECG information shown on the LCD screen.
•  Automatic ECG waveform and parameter measurement
•  Complete digital design, wave digital filter. Automatic adjustment of baseline, amplification, and automatic lead
Switch Single Color TFT Display (Resolution: 320 x 240). ThermalRecorder (80mm)
•  Simultaneously 12 Leads Acquisition. Optional Selections for Rhythm Lead
•  High Resolution Thermal Printer, Synchronous Record Details of ECG Waveforms, name of leads, paper feed speeds gain, patients' information, and analysis reports, etc.
•  Multi-language operation interface, Various Printout Format
•  Built-in Li-ion Battery, Support Uninterrupted Working Up to 2Hours
•  150 Digital ECG Records
•  Optional Network Capability
Physical Specification:
Weight: 3kg
Dimension: 320mm×275mm×66mm
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