Single Channel ECG CM100
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CM100 single Channel ECG with standard LCD screen. Automatic measurement of ECG waveform and fully automatic waveform analysis report output. COMEN is first company put the analysis function in the single channel ECG.
•  Automatic measurement of ECG waveform
•  Fully automatic waveform analysis report output
•  Complete digital design, single color LCD display
•  Single Color TFT Display (Resolution: 192 x 64), Thermal Recorder (50mm)
•  Simultaneously 12 leads acquisition, optional selections for rhythm lead
•  Automatic adjustment of baseline, amplification and automatic lead switch
•  Digital wave filter to eliminate baseline drift, AC and EMG interference
•  150 electrocardiograms record and recall,
•  Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, support 2 hours uninterrupted operation
•  AC/DC power supply, automatic protection circuit
•  Thermal recorder, Various Printout Format
•  Accurate lead off detection and display
•  Network Capability
Physical Specification:
Weight: 3kg
Dimension: 320㎜×275mm×66mm
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