Cosmetic apparatus for vacuum-roller body massage Shape V8plus
Model:Shape V8plus
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Purpose: The device is designed to massage the skin to improve the contours of the body, cellulite reduction, skin tightening. Uses patented technology firms ALUMA LUMENIS (USA), and technology from the company VELASHAPE Syneron (Israel).

How it works: Infrared laser reduces the resistance of the skin, heating the skin, and RF energy penetrates deeply into the connective tissue. The combination of an infrared laser and RF energy heats the skin and increases the intracellular distribution of oxygen. Additional exposure to vacuum and kneading the folds of skin with specially designed rollers, enhances the effect. Vacuum and mechanical action of rollers compresses and stretches the muscle fibers and connective tissue. Thus there is an effective massage of the skin fold, increases lymphatic drainage, improves metabolism and decreases the size of fat.


1) Basic module: 12-inch color TFT touch

2) Working maniple 1: 2.4-inch LED screen

3) Working maniple 2: 1.9-inch LED screen
Mode of operation:


Duration of phase vacuum:

0,5-7,5 with a step adjustment of 0.5
Negative pressure
1) Absolute value of:
90kPa-25kPa (68.4mmRtst mmRtst-19)

2) Relative importance:
10kPa-75kPa (7.6mmRtst mmRtst-57)
Rotational speed of rollers in a nozzle
0-36 min-1
Modes of operation of rollers in a nozzle
Type 2
Security Check
Continuous, online
Frequency of RF generator
1 MHz
The maximum density of RF energy
60 J/cm2
The wavelength of infrared laser
940 nm
Maximum power infrared laser
Operating tips
4 (automatic detection of active maniples)
Area of ​​impact
4h7mm, 8h25mm, 30h50mm, 40h60mm

Management system
Contactless payment cards, operator
The maximum power consumption
750 W
Supply voltage
230 ± 10%, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
110V ± 10%, 60 Hz ± 1 Hz (optional)
Net weight
50 kg
48h41h101, 5cm (WxDxH)
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