Patient monitor STAR8000A-Economy Class
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• Modern design, lightweight and portable, user-friendly interface, fully digital control.
• Plug the port NIBP from intake of dust.
• Large 12.1-inch color LCD display
• Menu in Russian and English
• Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity
• 96-hour memory graphics and digital trends in all parameters.
• 90 minutes recording and playing back ECG
• Digital and modular design makes the design simple and reliable.
• Acousto-optic alarm reported at the deterioration of the patient
• Protection against interference from defibrillator and elektrohirugicheskim tool.
• Ability to connect to a central monitoring system and a remote monitor (wired / Wi-Fi)
• Can be mounted on the bed (bed mount), wall, and a five-roller stand.

Standard delivery:
• HR
• Pulse Oximeter
• Breathing
• Temperatures

• Nellcor SpO2
• Built-in thermal printer
• Accessories for babies
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