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Apparatus kriolipoliza CRYO-V-the latest development in the field of non-surgical liposuction, modern technology is gentle kriolipoliza, which can eliminate body fat and create the perfect shape without surgery. The result is noticeable after only 60 minutes (use technique ZELTIQ)
Kriolipoliza principle is selective and strictly controlled cooling provided for the vacuum nozzle only fat cells without their physical destruction. The unique technology completely eliminates cooling of the skin, nerves, blood vessels and internal organs. As a result, the cooling run of programmed cell death of cells, because adipose tissue was a long time without adequate food. The result is a reduction not only of fatty tissue in the affected area, but also reducing the number of fat cells by 20-30% per procedure in the treatment area

Application: Reducing the volume and cellulite

Advantages: the latest non-invasive technology approved by the Commission kriolipoliza FDA.

Reducing the fat cells to 23% after the first application.

Pleasant after the procedure, the recovery period is not required

Nozzles of two sizes for different treatment sites. Simultaneously, apparta can run two heads, it saves the cream of the procedure.

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