12 Channel Electrocardiograph CM1200B
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1.5.7 inch (resolution: 320*240) color TFT display
2.Supporting multi-language. Such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish
3.Support Chinese/English input
4.Print preview before printing
5.12-lead simultaneous acquisition and amplification; Record the 12 ECG waveform simultaneous; all-digital and full-floating design.
6.1:1 ratio for LCD screen waveforms and output waveform, net-grid on screen and record paper are the same.
7.The latest 120 seconds 12-lead waveforms recordable
8.automatic measurement and interpretation tested selectable
9.Up to 122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis 
10.Manual,/Auto/ Rhythm working mode selectable
11.3 Recording mode: Record and not printout, record and printout, no record only printout
12.Using unique high-precision digital filter to eliminate baseline drift and other disturbances, avoid ECG waveform distortion and greatly enhance the anti-baseline drift capability to facilitate waveform detection.
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